Coverage Options

Global Coverage

At GetHomeSafe we have made it our mission to make workers safe regardless of their location, coverage or industry.

The geographic spread of GetHomeSafe users is diverse. We have clients based in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK, and plenty more from all parts of the globe.

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Cellular & Wi-Fi Coverage

The GetHomeSafe app and monitoring web portal only require cell (3G, 4G, 5G) or Wi-Fi coverage to function.

The GetHomeSafe app will continue to record workers tracking routes even when they are out of cell coverage. Once cell coverage is regained, tracking routes and locations are updated and relayed to supervisors.

Satellite Coverage

GetHomeSafe was designed for monitoring workers in remote and isolated areas, where traditional cell phone-based systems cannot be relied on or do not work. Through satellite coverage options with Iridium and GlobalStar networks, global coverage for your remote workers is possible.

GetHomeSafe’s satellite device integration enables workers to start, interact and finish activities even when are out of cell coverage. Workers do not even have to use the GetHomeSafe app. Some devices also offer 2-way communication options between workers and supervisors.

GetHomeSafe can connect your existing satellite devices or help get set you up with a range of options.

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Digital Radio Networks 

Another option when working out of coverage is GetHomeSafe's digital radio integration.

Set up or link into your own digital radio network, providing coverage right where you need it most.

Mix & Match Coverage Options

The real value in GetHomeSafe is the ability to mix and match coverage options across your entire workforce. The GetHomeSafe app, satellite devices, digital radios and/or vehicle trackings unit all simultaneously sync via the GetHomeSafe Cloud Server. This creates a full-proof welfare monitoring solution in real-time, regardless of workers locations.

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Devices, Connections & Support

We believe it is not one device, feature, or singular coverage solution that gets workers home safely. Therefore, GetHomesafe provides a range of options to help meet your specific needs.

Working with you and our partner firms we will review your requirements and ensure you have the right solution for every worker.

As a full service and solution provider, you can expect the implementation support, onsite training and utilisation reporting needed to ensure your requirements are fulfilled well into the future.