Satellite Devices

MU Satellite Devices Tracking Map


GetHomeSafe was designed for monitoring work in remote and isolated areas, where traditional cell phone-based systems cannot be relied on or don’t work.

GetHomeSafe’s satellite device integration allows:

  • Real-time tracking out of cell coverage
  • Effective communications out of cell coverage
  • Automated welfare monitoring out of cell coverage
  • Overdue and escalation alerting out of cell coverage
  • Easy assignment of Satellite or Radio devices to individuals
  • Quick work intention registry

Integrate Existing Devices 

Do you already have existing satellite devices and connections? GetHomeSafe can integrate your existing devices with our system. There is a process to set up your devices and establish data forwarding with GetHomeSafe that our support team will assist with. Processes vary depending on the device and current connection.

If you do not have an existing satellite device GetHomesafe can help find you a solution.

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RW Satellite Device in Vehicle Mount

Satellite Devices available for purchase



Garmin inReach SE+ & Explorer+

With a long-life battery and inbuilt navigation maps, the SE+ Explorer+ is recommended for back country & remote workers. The large screens and buttons make this device easy to use as a standalone unit.


  • Two way messaging
  • Bluetooth pairing to smart phones
  • Real time GPS location sharing
  • Weather, Pre-set Messages, Waypoints & Trip Logging
  • Navigation
  • I am OK, Send for Help & SOS
  • Rechargeable with in-car kit available


SD 66i

Garmin GPS Map 66i

The GPSMAP 66i handheld allows workers to stay in touch anywhere with satellite communication capabilities. Ideal for workers who regularly work out of coverage that require a feature-filled satellite communicator.


  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Satellite Imagery downloads
  • TOPO Maps
  • Two way messaging
  • Bluetooth pairing to smartphones
  • Real-time GPS location sharing
  • I am OK, Send for Help & SOS
  • Weather connectivity


SD inReach MINI

Garmin inReach MINI

A very small, light and easily worn device. Recommended for front line staff who need a device on hand to call for help in a hurry, from anywhere.


  • I am OK, Send for Help & SOS
  • Bluetooth pairing to smartphones
  • Two way messaging
  • Real-time GPS location sharing
  • Pre-set messages, waypoints & trip logging
  • Rechargeable with an in-car kit available




Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Spot GEN 4 is a low cost & easy to use, simple tracking device. With replaceable batteries, it is suited for multi-day trips.


  • One way messaging
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Real Time GPS Location
  • Pre-set custom messages
  • I am OK, Send for Help & SOS
  • Window mounts available