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We understand that with running a large Enterprise comes unique health & safety, usability, data security, and integration requirements that are rarely met with off-the-shelf solutions. The GetHomeSafe Enterprise solution provides you with a greater level of service, support, flexibility, and control over the welfare monitoring software your team will rely on.  

GetHomeSafe Enterprise is an extension of GetHomeSafe Corporate. Enterprise Accounts include a range of additional tools and options to better suit your welfare monitoring solutions. Enterprise Accounts are ideal for monitoring employees across larger and more complex organisational structures. For companies/organisations with over 100 employees, we recommend the use of GetHomeSafe Enterprise.

Additional options include fourth-tier privacy restrictions to cater to middle managers & head office management, this includes Web Portal & associated configuration options. You also the option of Integrating your companies/organisations Call Centre for additional monitoring benefits. 





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API Integration Options

We understand as a large Enterprise you may have your own databases, existing GPS tracking devices, and other software systems you wish to integrate GetHomeSafe with.

Almost any API integration is possible. It just comes down to your budget, time frame, and the solution you are looking for. If you are interested in API integration, please get in contact with us.


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Custom Built Solutions

We can do anything from re-branding our existing apps, to Custom features and system integrations.

Think of all your vehicle tracking, task tracking, alerting systems, and security management in one place.

We can build and manage your own personalised white labelled product. Contact us for a quick, no-obligation conversation about what you are looking for.