Vehicle Tracking

Integrate your existing vehicle tracking solutions with GetHomeSafe for welfare monitoring on one platform.

Combing vehicle tracking with the GetHomeSafe App allows real-time tracking of your companies vehicles. Even when workers leave their vehicles, you can still monitor their well-being.

If you do not have any existing vehicle tracking integrations we can help you find a solution. 

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Fatigue Management

Fatigue and Tiredness are both huge contributing factors to many road accidents. It is important to establish effective fatigue management solutions especially when workers are behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

GetHomeSafe integrates with a fatigue monitoring and testing app that gives a real time assessment of employee fatigue when you need it. This allows for a pro-active and scientifically measured approach to helping your staff with their fatigue.

Journey Management Planning

GetHomeSafe’s Journey Management Planning (JMP) feature allows workers to quickly and easily pre-plan journeys and request approval before they leave. This can be done from either a mobile device or a computer.

Supervisors can review these plans from their mobile device or computer, managing risk on the go.

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