How it works

GetHomeSafe is a lone worker, and journey management and remote working solution that allows workers to inform their supervisors of:

  • What they are doing
  • How long they are expected to take
  • Their intended destination
  • Additional notes and/or refences

This information is relayed to supervisors through the GetHomeSafe welfare monitoring portal. Supervisors can monitor the safety of their workers and view the check-ins and locations in real time.

If a worker doesn’t check-in as planned or activates an alert, an alerting sequence is activated. This notifies supervisors via email, SMS, dashboard notification or phone call.

Alerts are sent from the GetHomeSafe Cloud server and not mobile devices. If worker cannot activate alert themselves, GetHomeSafe’s fail-safe alerting systems ensure supervisors are notified.


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Coverage Options

GetHomeSafe was designed to be used anywhere in the world, even out of cellular coverage.

Our integrations with Satellite devices and digital radios allow workers to mix and match coverage options across entire workforces through cellular, satellite and radio network connections.

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Satellite Device & Digital Radio Integration

GetHomeSafe has integrations with a number of satellite devices and digital Radios. They include Garmin inReach, SPOT, RockSTAR and Motorola devices. Using these devices integrated with GetHomeSafe, workers can action the following:

  • Start activities
  • Track locations
  • Check-in
  • Extend timers
  • Send Alerts
  • Communicate with supervisors
  • Finish activities

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Checking In

Through the use of satellite devices and digital radios, workers can check in and inform their supervisors that they are OK. These devices also automatically check-in locations to an adjustable time-frequency.

Even if a Worker goes out of coverage using the GetHomeSafe mobile app their location will continue to be recorded using their mobile devices inbuilt GPS. Once back in coverage, their tracking route will be relayed back to their supervisors.


Even if workers are out of coverage their alerts are still sent to supervisors. This is thanks to GetHomeSafe's failsafe alerting systems and Cloud Server.

Satellite devices and digital radios allow workers to send alerts while out of coverage. This includes manually triggered and overdue alerts. All alerts are sent to supervisors and processed the same as if they were activated in coverage. 

Some devices also offer SOS alerting in the event of emergency situations.


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Monitoring, Dispatch & Call Centres

GetHomeSafe is designed to scale and maintain privacy. Have the option to divert all supervision functions to one place for processing.

Our monitoring welfare monitoring platform is linked to your supervision and lone worker dashboards. Everyone is on the same system and looking at the same information in real-time. 

Hours of the day, days of the week, alert triggers and shift handovers are all configurable to streamline joint supervision responsibility between supervisors and a call centre.

Call Centre operators and supervisor’s follow-up actions are recorded in the same audit timeline.

If you have your own call centre or dispatch resource, or you are a company that provides these services GetHomeSafe – Enterprise provides a super intuitive platform to run your own enterprise level lone worker welfare monitoring solution. Learn more about it