Regular Staff Welfare Checks Made Easy

Setting up your own staff welfare check-in procedure is easy; if you are working alone you simply tell someone what you are doing and then phone the office once an hour and tell them you are OK.  If you don’t check-in as planned they should check up on you. 

Super easy, right?

The theory is good, but anyone who has tried running their own system will know, it quickly becomes a logistical nightmare

Surely there is a better way?  Surely there is an App for that?


Get Home Safe - the Easy Way

Introducing Get Home Safe, the easy way to share what you are doing and the automated way of checking everyone is OK.

At Get Home Safe we understand as a lone worker, your passion is your work, not phoning the office to tell them what you are doing. 

We have made sharing what you are doing three simple clicks, quicker than texting.

Three click start

Sharing what you are doing takes three clicks, easy as.

3 home favourites newtask

Three Click Welfare Check-in

countdown check in checked in2

Confirming you are OK takes just three clicks and no phone call required!

It is super flexible, check-in at any interval for two minutes to 24 hours during your task or simply check-in at the safe completion of your task. Whatever works for your team.

Get Home Safe is as easy as we say, how else would we get away with offering free and unlimited training and support during your trial and on-going, not to mention at these prices!

Over 95% of clients who sign up for Get Home Safe  are still using it 12 months later.  

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself with a no obligation, fully supported and completely free trial or book a consultation  with one of our team to discuss what you are looking for and if GHS is right for you.