Instant Panic Buttons

Having the ability for lone workers to send an alert to their supervisors quickly and easily in high-risk situations can be imperative.

A Bluetooth connected panic button allows lone workers to activate the panic feature of the GetHomeSafe app, alerting their supervisor of the situation without having to touch their cell phone.  

The panic button is very small and discrete, allowing workers to hold it out of sight until such time they are comfortable. They can also be used by workers to check in as OK.


LW V2.BTTN No Motion Alert

No-movement & Man Down Alerting

Panic buttons can also monitor movement over configurable time periods between 1-5 minutes. If a Panic button does not register movement for the set time, a No Motion Alert is activated. This is a critical feature of any world-class welfare monitoring solution.

Because panic buttons are worn, they monitor the physical movement of the workers, not their GPS location.



Automated Safety Monitoring 

On its own, the panic button is a powerful yet simple safety tool. When combined with the automated lone worker safety monitoring of GetHomeSafe you will also enjoy:

  • Regular check-in safety monitoring
  • PIN protection
  • GPS tracking
  • Automated phone call alerts
  • Customised alerting process for business hours and after-hours
  • Record job numbers and staff time
  • Reporting and export options


All pricing is in USD and is exclusive of GST, freight charges/duties. Accessories including belt clips, wrist straps and pendant loops are also available. Panic Button Kits include a panic button and all accessories.

  • Panic Button: $25.00 
  • Pendant Loop: $1.80 
  • Wristband: $7.00 
  • Belt Clip: $7.00 
  • Panic Button Kit: $40.00 

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