Building your Remote Worker Solution

Your journey to a comprehensive remote worker monitoring solution will be unique, but it will follow a path something like this.

Requirement Review

It all starts with a detailed look at what you require for the team.

We take a moment to review the locations you work, what you are currently using and your requirements (productive and legislative).

If you haven't already, we guide you through compiling a list of requirements you need and those that are nice to have.  This will form the scope of any proposed solution.

Where possible we can send one of the team to visit you onsite, free of charge to start this process.

Review & Policy Development

Following the pilot trial, a review is done to confirm requirements of coverage and usability are meet.

We then work with you to develop you policy for what constitutes remote work and the requirements to use the devices.

We can also provide pointers on standard operating procedures for use and also response to alerts. 

Multiple devices4

Utilisation Reporting & Ongoing Use

It doesn't finish the moment the training session does.  Get Home Safe pride ourselves on engagement and we front foot utilisation from day one.

In built Utilisation reporting can start at 9am on day one, with management recieving usage (and not useage) reports right to the inbox. 

Don't wait to the end of the week or month, with Get Home Safe you can hit the team up about poor utilisation as they are driving out the gate!

Device specific utilisation, right down to tracking time and tasks logged are a click away.


Remote worker device working remotely

Periodic reviews

This is a partnership and ongoing solution provision.

Part of your subscription is periodic account reviews; monthly, quarterly or annually your account manager will schedule a catch up.

We check-in to make sure your devices are being used, you are getting the most out of the account and keep you posted on all the exciting new features we are working on.

And of course, unlimited support is included as standard with Get Home Safe.