Frequent Questions about GetHomeSafe

Will it work on tablets?

The app does work on tablets, the kind that have 3G or 4G connectivity and a GPS are the best ones.

Does it work internationally?
It certainly does!  You can log tasks and check-in "Home Safe" anywhere in the world so long as your device can connect to the internet (3G, 4G or wifi).

What happens out of cell coverage?
You need an internet connection to log a task, check-in and finish a task; what happens outside of that doesn't really matter too much.  If you leave coverage the app will update your locations when you return to coverage.  If your timer expires when you are out of coverage our fail-safe alerting system will still raise an alert for you.

How much data does it use?
Very little, the information the app sends and receives is all simple text, no data intensive things like photos or videos. 

Can I log in and see my staff even if they haven’t logged a task?
Nope, this is a location sharing service, not a big brother tracker. Staff have their own obligations under H+S to keep you informed of their whereabouts when out of the office and GetHomeSafe is a simple and easy tool to help achieve this.

How much will it actually cost?
Not much, our rates start at $NZD 5.00 per user ($US 3.50) , this includes all SMS alerts, support, no joining fee and no cancelation fee. There are no other fees, it is simply $NZD 5.00 a month per user.  Once your account has more than 20 users we can invoice a reduced rate based on how much you use it.

There are other costs to consider, like providing Android or iPhones and data plans for your field staff.

We are a not for profit organisation, can I get a discounted rate?
GetHomeSafe was founded with the intention of making the world a safer place, not printing money. If we can help you out we will, but you will have to be a registered charity. Get in contact and let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we can do.

Frequent Questions about Actually Using it

Why won’t my login details work?
Possibly our most asked question, we have two safety apps, one for personal safety and one for corporate safety. Your login details for the Corporate app won’t let you into the personal one and vice versa.

If you have received login details because your team leader invited you to sign up then you will need to be using The Corporate safety app. There is a link to it in the invite email.

How do I reset my password?
Follow the link in your invite email to the web portal login page, there is a forgotten password feature there.

If that doesn’t work contact your account admin or our support team and we will help you reset it.

Is there a battery saver mode?

Yes!  However it is not available on iOS 10 or newer, Android and iOS 9 are fine.

Why did I receive/send a Duress alert un-expectantly?
The app is PIN protected by two separate PINs to ensure it is only you who can say you are “Home Safe”.

The first PIN is your standard access PIN and the other is a Duress PIN that will activate a silent alarm, while still allowing the app to look as if it is working as normal.

If you enter your Duress PIN it will trigger an alarm with your supervisors. However you won’t be alerted and the app should function as normal, so you need to take care when setting your PINs. They can be edited via the settings tab in the app if you forget them.

How do I cancel an alert?
Over due and panic alerts can be canceled three ways

  • via the app,
  • by your web portal,
  • and by the link in the start up email.

Only the user who is alerted can cancel the alert.

Duress Alerts can only be cancelled via your dashboard.